Cooperation agreement between TLF and Bao Minh

Nam Dinh June 1, 2018. TLF (School of Textile, Leather and Fashion) and BMS signed Memorandum of Understanding to set the collaboration between the topnotch engineering Universities and a newly operated and modern textile manufacturing facility. Dr. Thao, dean of the school and her colleagues were so excited and somehow surprised with state of art equipment and standardized laboratory in BMS. Dr. Thao shared ‘our student can be hugely inspired with this modern and scenery factory’. Pascal Renger, BMS Chief Production Officer promptly supports the idea of hosting motivation tour for sophomore student and apprentice for junior. In addition to that, BMS also look into a tailor-made training program that TLF can develop for grooming BMS engineers and technicians in textile chemistry and weaving. Various collaboration projects were in the pipeline around the core of people development.